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Send us your original software and we will optimize it according to your wishes. Metaecu allows you to retrieve your files from anywhere in the world and receive them instantly from our expert team, who has been serving for over 10 years.

When looking at the chiptuning process in detail, almost all vehicles in use today have a control unit (ECU) that controls the engine system. The ECU's task is to collect information from various sources (such as fuel temperature, engine temperature, flow meter, turbo pressure sensor, engine speed, accelerator pedal position, etc.) and process this information according to certain algorithms (based on maps) in its software.

The ECU sends commands to various points of the engine system (such as injector open time, AFR, rail pressure, turbo pressure, ignition rate, etc.). This ensures that the engine continues to operate in a healthy and optimal manner under all conditions.

During the chiptuning process, the software in the ECU that controls the engine system is read using special chip tuning devices and then written back to the vehicle after all modifications have been made. There are many software and programs available to make these changes, and Metaecu performs all modifications according to your specific needs using the most popular software.

Metadiag recommends that you use licensed and original software, and our team uses Race Evosoftware and WinOLS software from Dimsport and EVC companies as programs.

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